Reading the Penguin Classics edition of David Copperfield edited by Jeremy Tambling (revised edition 2004), we are studying two of the monthly numbers each month. Prompts for consideration are provided in advance by a different member for each session. Discussions begin in a Zoom meeting, open to all Cambridge Fellowship members, on the second Monday of the month. This meeting, and follow-up discussions conducted via the Cambridge Fellowship’s Google group, take place according to the timetable below. The online discussions (available to members only) can be found here.

14 September 2020 I and II: chapters 1-6, pp 13-99

12 October III and IV: chapters 7-12, pp 99-190

9 November V and VI: chapters 13-18, pp 190-281

14 December VII and VIII: chapters 19-24, pp 281-372

11 January 2021 IX and X: chapters 25-31, pp 372-461

8 February XI and XII: chapters 32-37, pp 461-551

8 March XIII and XIV: chapters 38-43, pp 551-640

12 April XV and XVI: chapters 44-50, pp 640-728

10 May XVII and XVIII: chapters 51-57, pp 728-819

14 June XIX and XX: chapters 58-64, pp 819-882